. A “Stammtisch” is not a structured meeting but rather a friendly get-together!

I have decided as the owner of the Chalet Suisse Restaurant to further support the idea of having periodically a “SWISS STAMMTISCH” in Kuala Lumpur. The past -54- Stammtisch Meetings since 2016 have been well accepted and about each time 05 – 20 Swiss Citizens were present. I would like to keep the ball rolling…..

We meet in 2021 at the following Dates:

55Tuesday, January 12, 2021, 18.00
56Tuesday, February 09, 2021, 18.00 
57Wednesday, March 03, 2021, 18.00 
58Tuesday, April 06, 2021, 18.00 
59Wednesday, May 05, 2021, 18.00 
60Wednesday, June 02, 2021, 18.00 

Please mark the dates in your personal planner; you might receive a reminder for those events! For organizational reasons please make your
RESERVATION directly via our webpage: www.chaletsuisse.com.my
or call us anytime!

These scheduled events are open for all SWISS citizens and of course the LADIES are kindly encouraged to join us too. There will be no special topics but everybody is invited to mingle around …. The concept of this get-together is pretty much of a cross between a Swiss Club and the Swiss-Malaysian Chamber of Commerce.

As a courtesy, CHALET SUISSE offers you again the first DRINK as well some initial “FINGER-FOOD”. Furthermore we are offering additional typical SWISS FOOD like a typical “Cervelat-Kaese-Salat”, “Bratwurst with Roesti”, “Nidwaldner “Bratchaes”, “Fleischkaese with Spiegelei”, etc. at reasonable prices! Enjoy your Stammtisch…….