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Interview with Manfred J. Fahndrich

Manfred tell us if FONDUE is a typical Swiss Dish?

Yes definitive, but there are various Fondue types! We are serving at our place the famous Signature Dish – SWISS CHEESE FONDUE – among others like Chocolate Fondue and lately also Beef Fondue.

How is Swiss Cheese Fondue prepared?

First of all, our Cheeses are imported from EMMI AG in Switzerland. Cheese Fondue is a great Meal with Friends and perhaps one of the most iconic Foods that People relate to Switzerland. It’s a Dish made of melted Cheese like Gruyere and Emmentaler or other Cheese Mixtures. Other Ingredients, such as Garlic, white Wine, a little Corn Flour / Corn Starch and often Kirsch (cherry brandy) are added to the various Cheeses!

How do you serve this Dish?

It is served up at the Table in a special Ceramic Pot called a Caquelon, with a small Burner underneath it to keep the Fondue at constant Temperature. You spear small Cubes of Bread onto long-stemmed Forks and dip them into the hot Cheese (taking care not to lose the bread in the Fondue). The term ‘Fondue’ has come to describe other Dishes where Food is dipped into a Pot of hot Liquid, such as Fondue Bourguignonne (Beef cooked in hot Oil) and Chocolate Fondue.

Why also a lot of local Muslims like this Dish?

We serve this dish a bit different to WeMuslims. We do not add any Wine or Kirsch but replace those Fluids with either Apple Cider or just Milk. This is necessary to bind the Cheese during the cooking process.

Why is your Fondue different from others that I had in the past somewhere else?

The difference comes from the various Cheeses that we combine in our “Fondue Maison”. If they are available via Imports from Switzerland, we mix some Gruyere, Appenzeller, Emmentaler, one Alpine Cheese or Gouda and if available Vacherin Cheese.

I saw once they put other things into the Cheese Fondue?

I told you how it is normally served in Switzerland and specially at our place – with Bread Cubes and that is the most classic Way and it is always delicious! Nevertheless, YES guests want to order in addition and for Example Tart Apples like Granny Smith; Cherry Tomatoes – one of the absolute favorites; Bacon; Roasted Baby Potatoes; steamed Broccoli and Pickles or others….