We can also offer you some TAKE AWAY if you do not want to register with GRAB FOOD.
YOU order the Dishes with us but YOU also must pick-up the Dishes at our place.
We have very proper packing material and the Food can be re-heated with a
Microwave oven if necessary!
But YOU must pick-up the Dishes at our place or we arrange with a Courier Service like GRAB or LALAMOVE. 
Daily except on Monday’s.
For TAKE AWAY - ORDERS please contact either:
Mariel Rebulado at +6016 346 5761 (WhatsApp)
OR Chef Raymond at +6013 625 2802 (WhatsApp)
Reservation Line at +603 - 4252 4589 (Answering System)
For CATERING or OTHER possible Services please contact directly
Manfred J. Fahndrich at +6012 297 1904 (WhatsApp).
We are very flexible and the entire Staff is on standby!

Download PDF for more information