Host Manfred recommends
Chef Raymond prepares


Smoked Salmon with Prawns, Horseradish and Lime Vinaigrette

RM 40

Melon with Swiss Air Dried Beef

RM 50

Sea Scallops gratinee with Wine, Garlic and Herbs

RM 45

Homemade white Asparagus, Leek and Potato Soup

RM 25


Fried Duck Leg Confit with Blueberry Balsamic Sauce, served with mashed potato and braised red Cabbage

RM 60

Slow cooked Wagyu Beef Cheek in red Wine Sauce served with Polenta and fresh Vegetables

RM 90

Tournedos “Rossini” Beef Fillet pan-fried in Butter and placed on Crouton,
stopped with a slice of Duck Liver and finished with a Madeira Sauce, served with mashed Potatoes and fresh Vegetables

RM 95

Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Vol-Au-Vent, served with mashed Pea and Potatoes and fresh Vegetables

RM 95


Meringue with fresh Strawberry and Ice Cream 

RM 30

Toasted Brioche with Vanilla Ice Cream and hot Chocolate Sauce

RM 30

“Schwyzer” hot Cherry Jubilee and Vanilla Ice Cream

RM 30

Coconut Panna Cotta with tropical Fruit Salsa

RM 30

Meringue, Ice Cream and hot, mixed Berries

RM 30