KL's Home of Authentic Swiss Cuisine

The three pillars of any good dining experience are arguably pretty straightforward: food, service, ambiance. If a restaurant delivers well on all three, chances are diners are going to be leaving happy. And while good food can – and in Malaysia, often does – rescue sub-par service or a total lack of atmosphere, it’s safe to say that even a really nice ambiance can’t take the place of the other two pillars. Ambiance, while important overall, basically puts the polish on an exemplary evening of dining out.

So imagine a restaurant that serves delicious, true-to-its-roots international food, offers service with efficiency and a smile, and boasts what must be included on any list of the most charming restaurant interiors in KL. That’s what we experienced when we indulged in a feast of Swiss cuisine at a small outlet that is coming up on a remarkable 25 years of operation, Chalet Suisse.