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Beef fondue originated in France in the middle ages. During the grape harvest, pickers set up pots in the vineyards to cook their meals as it became convenient for them during the day. This ensured a leisurely lunch that could be enjoyed hot and fresh. In later years, Meat Fondue Beef Bourguignonne was created and became known as the original meat fondue recipe. Today this original recipe has evolved in many variations to include using chicken, seafood and much more.

The meat is pre-cut into bite-sized pieces. The oil is heated in a caquelon placed in front of the guests. Each of the guests immerses one by one his pieces of raw meat in the oil and eats them once cooked.

The meat is accompanied by various sauces, mainly mayonnaise, béarnaise, tartar, mustard, barbeque, etc. but also mixed pickles and capers, mushrooms!

Beef: 200 g Beef Tenderloin net pro person
Vegetables: Carrot, Celery, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Mushroom, Tomato, Aubergines
Sauces: Mayonnaise, Béarnaise, Tartar, Mustard, Barbeque, Horseradish, Black Peppercorn, Cocktail or others
Condiments: Mixed Pickles, Capers, new – small Potatoes

MYR 120.00 Net / Person
(min. 4 persons) allow some Time for fresh Preparation!